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Biden said what? Election video, Econ woes – American Family Association of Indiana

Biden said what? Election video, Econ woes

Election Day is less than 1 Week Away.
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A Massive Reversal

When the Democrats took control of the White House, US Senate, and House of Representatives in January of 2020 polling found that 72% of Americans said that the economy was in good shape with 38% rating it very good and another 34% labeling it fairly good.

That same polling firm now finds a massive change 21 months later. Today 71% of Americans rate the US economy as bad with 45% saying it is very bad and 26% saying it is fairly bad.

While it seems a bit odd that Democrats would have taken control of all branches of government with such a positive ranking of the economy two years ago, conventional wisdom would still say that such a massive viewpoint reversal now points to an electoral disaster for Democrats next week.

Under President Biden’s policies, annual wages for American families have fallen $6,000 after adjusting for inflation in the past 21 months.

Thousands of Babies Saved Following Roe Return to States

A new report from the New York Times finds that over 10,000 babies have been given life following the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision to return the issue of abortion back to the states. Abortion rates have declined by 6% since that ruling as several states moved to further limit abortion. Since the ruling 22 states have moved to further protect the lives of the unborn. Those states account for 22,000 fewer abortions since the court ruling. However, abortion rates increased by 12,000 in several blue (Democrat) states that advertised abortions in neighboring pro-life states.

The largest increase in abortion rates occurred in Illinois which is bordered by several pro-life states. The Indiana Supreme Court will hear challenges to our new abortion law on January 12th.

Last week, former Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, an African American, took Georgia Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams, (also an African American) to the woodshed for selling out the black community in her support for abortion. The powerful article makes some incredible points that deserve to be read here:

The Dangers of Indoctrination in Schools

Perhaps the most important election offices to be determined next Tuesday in Indiana are local school board races at the end of our ballot.

A new poll out of Yale University finds some real problems with educational indoctrination which seems to be occurring in both collegiate and K12 education. If not indoctrination, then very poor education on Constitutional rights and other matters is occurring somewhere in classrooms or in our culture.

The survey of college students should be a real warning to parents and policymakers. Here is what that annual survey found:

• 48% of college students expressed hostility to the freedom of speech.

• 41% embraced the notion that violence was acceptable to prevent speech.

• 41% embraced “speech codes” to regulate what can be said on campus.

• 43% felt that “political opinions I find offensive should be reported.”

• 38% believed that “political comments I disagree with can be harmful to mental health.”

• 50% agreed with the statement “America is inextricably linked to white supremacy and most minorities are excluded from the promise of equality.”

• 35% said the Constitution was “outdated.” Only 49% said it should be “followed and respected.”

• 33% said they would prefer to live under socialism. Only 31% preferred capitalism, while 35% were unsure.

• 27% admit to stating their preferred pronouns in formal settings.

• Just 15% identified as conservative.

Out of the Mouth, the Heart Speaks

Last week I reported on some disturbing things President Biden said in an interview where he opposed state efforts to prevent minor children from taking life-altering hormones or receiving genital mutilation surgeries.

The person who asked this question prefaced it by saying that he (she) was on his (her) 251st day of transitioning from male to female. To which President Biden eagerly and enthusiastically interrupted with “Well, God Love ya.”

I wish someone had followed up that with, “Mr. President, you are a lifelong Catholic and claim to be a person of faith. Can you explain exactly what it is that God loves about a person living in open rebellion to His created design as clearly expressed in Genesis 1:27?”

Election Video Interview

Yesterday, I conducted a short interview with Life Church, Noblesville Pastor Micah Beckwith, a former congressional candidate, about the importance of voting in this election. You may find the issues we covered of interest. You can watch it here:

In Their Own Words:

“Any country grounded in Judeo-Christian values can’t be overthrown until those roots are cut . . . In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of the schools, universities, churches, and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.” – Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party



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