Friday Video - 2 Key Bills - AFA-IN

Friday Video – 2 Key Bills – American Family Association of Indiana

Friday Legislative Video

           Today’s video covers two bills that we expect to receive a committee hearing soon.

The first bill I mention is Senate Bill 480 which is before the House Health Committee.  It protects minor children from life-altering experimental puberty-blocking drugs and the removal of healthy body parts due to gender confusion.

The second bill is House Bill 1608 which is before the Senate Education Committee.  It protects the innocence of children in K-3 from sexual instruction.  Under Indiana law, discussions of reproduction do not take place until 6th-grade science classes.  I’d like to see this bill’s protections go from K-5, but in any case, 5-year-olds do not need instruction on transgenderism or sexual intercourse.  Schools have enough to do to get children ready to read and do basic math.

You can watch this short video here:


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Friday Video – Hear the Hate

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