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Friday Video – Protecting Parent’s Rights & Children

The Indiana General Assembly is nearing the halfway point and issues are coming at us very quickly.

Two bills I discuss today are very important and need your support.

House Bill 1407 concerns parental rights. It states that parents have a fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children. This means parents have the primary role for their children regarding education, religious instruction, and health decisions, not the state. The bill does not protect bad actors. It does not change the role the state has regarding child abuse.

The one exception to this is in a section of HB 1407 which states that the Indiana Department of Child Services cannot remove the child because of a disagreement regarding pronouns or gender identity as a sole category of abuse. (We don’t need “woke” child welfare agencies trampling on the rights of parents who hold traditional beliefs.)

HB 1407 is expected to get a vote next week. The far left is fighting against this bill. It is important that you call your State Representative if you care about protecting these rights.

You can find and contact your legislator here:

The liberal media is going to go crazy over this next bill. House Bill 1608 prevents a school from teaching young innocent children in grades K-3 about sexual orientation, gender transitioning, or gender fluidity. Schools have much better things to do than to wade into this at this young age when they should be focused on getting children to read, write and do mathematics. This bill would protect many elementary teachers and school boards from these controversies. Parents can talk to their children about this if they choose, but the school shouldn’t at this young impressionable age.

HB 1608 will have a hearing Monday morning in the House Education Committee. Calls in support of HB 1608 are needed for this legislation too.

Here is a third bill that I don’t mention this week in my video, but I have before. House Bill 1428 on school board candidate party designations will also be up for a vote next week in the House. It could be a very close vote.

You can watch today’s video here:


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