Young Votes Wrong, Christian Ministry Attacked

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Young Votes Wrong, Christian Ministry Attacked - AFA-IN

Young Votes Wrong, Christian Ministry Attacked – American Family Association of Indiana

He Will Do What He Wants

I want to thank everyone who contacted Senator Todd Young about what should be more accurately called the disRespect for Marriage Act. I heard from dozens of people, many of whom spoke or texted directly with the Senator, about his position on this issue.

To sum it up, I like Todd personally, he’s an accomplished person, but real religious freedom has about as much relevance to him as the Crimean War has to any random Hoosier high school student.

For most true believers, religious liberty goes to the very core of their being. It is a revered principle, unique in the history of the world, and one not to be infringed upon or lost. (They also know that natural marriage is an essential and sacred institution designed by God that has significant personal and societal ramifications.) For Senator Young, this is just not the case. He is dismissive of these things, albeit politely dismissive.

For Senator Young, this is merely just another bill where he is going to go with the flow and the liberal media’s talking points. Our culture supports homosexuality far more than it cares about religious expression. That reality has influenced our Senator and I guess he agrees with it. His responses make that fairly clear.

The RFMA, which is not needed, is a bill that Senator Young has personally wanted to support. In my experience when a legislator is set thinking this way, no number of calls will change his feelings.

Good citizenship compelled us to call, and that’s what you did. Thank you for speaking up. It was important that Sen. Young heard from thousands of Hoosiers wanting to protect religious freedom, which is so obviously in the crosshairs of our culture today.
(Christians are practically the only group that Hollywood, the media, academia, and now politicians can mock, demean or attack without negative consequences. That is often a very bad warning sign when historians look back to see why cruel things happened to certain people in societies.)

The RFMA passed a key vote blocking a filibuster Monday night 61-35. Yesterday, it passed the Senate without the Lee Amendment that was needed to protect religious schools, charities and institutions. It will now go back to the House for final approval.

Throwing Mashed Potatoes at Your Aunt

I hope your Thanksgiving dinner did not involve a food fight between any Democrats and MAGA Republicans in your family.

 I know that such differences can be stressful and cause a lot of anxiety as the holidays approach.  Sometimes self-censorship cannot avoid a conflict when someone pokes the bear, so to speak.
 There is a short, but very interesting article about political conflicts in families, particularly in marriages, that has a lot of interesting findings as well as some tips for working through differences while protecting the relationship.   You can read it in just a few minutes here:

Irresponsible Media Swings Blindly

On Thanksgiving, the Christian ministry, Focus on the Family, was spray painted with hateful graffiti. Their ministry sign was damaged by people who blame them for the shooting at a homosexual club in Colorado Springs.

This is what blindness looks like in a society that can’t reason any more.

A young man who identifies as non-binary, using pronouns “they/them” (meaning he is transgender), murdered five and wounded 17 in a homosexual nightclub. His motives are not yet known. It is also not known (publicly) if he knew people at that club and may have had a personal motive against any of them.

When this criminal tragedy occurred, many in the media instantly and irresponsibly pushed out the narrative that conservative Christians were to blame for the shooting. Other commentators blamed parents who oppose LGBT indoctrination in schools or Fox News host Tucker Carlson who has exposed woke curriculum. Some even pointed to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his support of legislation that seeks to protect minor students from LGBT indoctrination without parental consent.

If this is the prevailing “logic,” then a similar conclusion should be that the media incited hate and violence against conservatives, and Focus on the Family was the victim of the media’s irresponsibility.

If a motive must be guessed, why not look at some facts first? The 22 yr. old shooter grew up in a broken home. His father was a porn star, an MMA fighter who was said to have praised his son for violent acts, and a man who struggled with meth addiction and has a criminal record.

The shooter grew up partially with a grandparent and step-grandparent. His “father” told the media after the shooting that he didn’t even know his son was alive until six years ago when his son called him out of the blue and had an angry conversation with him. Last year, the shooter was arrested for threatening to bomb his mother’s home.

How ignorant must people be not to see that the shooter’s troubles are blatantly obvious? One need not abandon sociological and psychological truths and make ridiculous leaps into politics and religious bigotry to see a more plausible motive here involving the shooters’ family life.

By 2018, 75% of the shooters, among the 25 most cited mass shootings, came not only from fatherless homes but from highly dysfunctional broken homes. As the Heritage Foundation also notes, “Psychologist Dr. Peter Langman, a pre-eminent expert on school shooters, found that most came from incredibly broken homes of not just divorce and separation, but also infidelity, substance abuse, criminal behavior, domestic violence, and child abuse.” This club shooter fits into that category, but the media would rather point fingers at people of faith and conservative leaders they do not like.

What is a Woman?

Our friends at First Principles Forum have a December event you may want to attend with Matt Walsh author and commentator who created the documentary: What is a Woman? Here is a promo video for this event:

If you would like to attend this December 17th event in Indianapolis, here is the registration link:

In Their Own Words:

If the Watchman sees the danger coming and doesn’t sound the trumpet to warn the people, when the calamity comes, their blood will be upon his head. – Ezekiel 33:6


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