COVID 19 Research and Education


Danielle Baker, RN


  1. Danielle Baker: Taken Seriously (Video)
  2. Danielle Baker: Had Immunity (Video)
  3. Danielle Baker: Paid for Shot (Video)
  4. Danielle Baker: Benefits Used (Video)
  5. Danielle Baker: First Shot (Video)
  6. Danielle Baker: Second Shot (Video)
  7. Danielle Baker: Her Experience (Video)
  8. Danielle Baker: Not Crazy (Video)

Carolyn Blakeman

Post Covid-19 Shot Injured Represented:

  1. Carolyn Blakeman: Covid-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project (Website)
  2. Carolyn Blakeman: Former Feds Group, Freedom Foundation (Website)
  3. Carolyn Blakeman: Grief (Video)
  4. Carolyn Blakeman: How Many? (Video)

Dr. Naomi Wolf


  1. Naomi Wolf: Cochrane Report: Physical Interventions to Interrupt or Reduce the Spread of Respiratory Viruses (PDF)
  2. Naomi Wolf: Pfizer Documents, Analysis (PDF)
  3. Naomi Wolf: Pfizer, More Reports from Dr. Wolf (PDF)
  4. Naomi Wolf: Covid Behavior (Website)
  5. Naomi Wolf: Hired (Video)
  6. Naomi Wolf: Experts (Video)
  7. Naomi Wolf: Dr. Drew (Video)
  8. Naomi Wolf: Hypertension (Video)
  9. Naomi Wolf: Liberal (Video)
  10. Naomi Wolf: Masks Don’t Work (Video)
  11. Naomi Wolf: Shot Didn’t Work (Video)
  12. Naomi Wolf: Where Shot Ends (Video)

Dr. Peter McCullough


  1. Peter McCullough: Covid Patient Treatment Guide (PDF)
  2. Peter McCullough: Ivermectin, Review of the Emerging Evidence (PDF)
  3. Peter McCullough: Spike Detox and Vaccine Injured (PDF)
  4. Peter McCullough: Stop All the Vaccines (Website)
  5. Peter McCullough: Reputation (Video)
  6. Peter McCullough: No Early Treatment (Video)
  7. Peter McCullough: Father Story (Video)
  8. Peter McCullough: Who Shut Down Medical Offices (Video)
  9. Peter McCullough: Same Issues (Video)
  10. Peter McCullough: Government Corporate Intervention (Video)
  11. Peter McCullough: Understanding (Video)

Dr. Richard Fleming


  1. Richard Fleming: Quantitative Nuclear Imaging finds Three Treatments for SARS-CoV-2 (PDF)
  2. Richard Fleming: Ace 2 Receptor (Video)
  3. Richard Fleming: Fleming Method (Video)
  4. Richard Fleming: Remdesivir Statistical Chance (Video)
  5. Richard Fleming: Remdesivir Bad Research (Video)
  6. Richard Fleming: Best Drug Combo (Video)

Edward Dowd


  1. Edward Dowd: Child Death Elevates After Covid-19 Shots UK 1-14 Year Olds (Image)
  2. Edward Dowd: Children Injuries By Covid-19 Shots a Smoking Gun (Image)
  3. Edward Dowd: Denmark Increase Drastically After Covid-19 Shots (Image)
  4. Edward Dowd: USA Disability Data (Image)
  5. Edward Dowd: USA Excessive Death Rate SOA Data (Image)
  6. Edward Dowd: Excessive Mortality (Image)
  7. Edward Dowd: Relationship to Business (Video)
  8. Edward Dowd: Group Life (Video)
  9. Edward Dowd: Billion to One (Video)
  10. Edward Dowd: Excessive Deaths Higher (Video)
  11. Edward Dowd: Excessive Mortality Millennials (Video)
  12. Edward Dowd: Safer to Not Work (Video)
  13. Edward Dowd: Fraud (Video)

Michael Hamilton & Daniel Watkins, Attorneys


  1. Michael Hamilton & Daniel Watkins: Early Treatment Versus Complex Treatment (Video)
  2. Michael Hamilton & Daniel Watkins: Process (Video)

Wallace (Wally) P. Hooker, CFSP, MBIE


  1. Wallace P. Hooker: Post-Mortem Bloodless Clots (Image)
  2. Wallace P. Hooker: Post-Mortem Bloodless Clots 2 (Image)
  3. Wallace P. Hooker: Questions (Video)
  4. Wallace P. Hooker: Bloodless Clots (Video)

Sheryl Ruettgers


  1. Sheryl Ruettgers: One of Many (Video)
  2. Sheryl Ruettgers: Connection (Video)
  3. Sheryl Ruettgers: Doctor Fail (Video)
  4. Sheryl Ruettgers: Brainwashing (Video)