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Was 2020 stolen? It’s deeper than that.  

You’ve heard it said “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

What about those who code the vote?

What if our leaders aren’t actually being elected by us, but instead… selected? 

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Our Mission is to focus on Election Integrity and Education for Hoosiers.


Indiana Updates

Election Integrity Scorecard

The Heritage Foundation has released its Election Integrity Scorecard: Assessing the Status of State Laws Needed for Election Fairness and Security. 

Every citizen’s vote is sacred. The vote is how we guarantee that our government remains of the people, by the people, and for the people. Americans need and deserve elections that they can trust. Legitimate voters should be able to vote in privacy without being harassed, secure in the knowledge that their vote will not be lost, stolen, altered, or negated by a vote cast by an illegitimate voter (for examples, see The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database). Americans need and deserve a transparent system in which fraud can be easily detected and false allegations of fraud can be easily dispelled. Americans need and deserve a system in which it is easy to vote and hard to cheat.

Read more here.

Election Integrity Scorecard-Voter on Election Day

Election Integrity Scorecard-Voter on Election Day


Latest IN Court Move

AFA-IN: Latest IN Court Move, Democrat Doomsday? - AFA-IN

AFA-IN: Latest IN Court Move, Democrat Doomsday? – American Family Association of Indiana

Legal Battle Over Abortion Continues

Last week Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita filed a motion to throw out the injunction putting our state’s new abortion law on hold. That injunction was granted to the ACLU of Indiana in their attempt to block the law while the case is heard in Owen County. The AG’s motion also seeks to move the case immediately to the Indiana Supreme Court noting that in the end, only that court can settle this matter.

Rokita’s filing states in part: “The urgency of this matter cannot be overstated . . .While the trial court’s preliminary injunction remains in effect, state laws essential for protecting unborn children cannot be enforced. The lives of the unborn will be terminated.”

No court date has been set yet for consideration of this appeal.

For pro-life Hoosiers, this is a very frustrating situation, but one that was to be expected no matter what the legislature passed. In recent years almost every pro-life bill, no matter how significant, has been challenged in court by the abortion industry following our spring legislative sessions. One-way pro-life Hoosiers can help in this is to pray for the judge to rule quickly and to protect human rights in Indiana.

After Six Yearly Increases, A Sad New Record

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) jumped last year after six yearly increases in a row. According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) the rate of syphilis rose by 26%. This was the largest yearly increase in 70 years.

There were 2.5 million infections reported last year. More than 2,600 babies were born with syphilis in 2021, up from 529 in 2000 when the country seemed on the verge of eliminating the condition. Gonorrhea increased 2.8 percent — reaching almost 700,000 infections in 2021. Chlamydia, which had declined in 2020, increased 3 percent last year. HIV increased by 16% in 2021.

News articles on this topic repeat the same excuses that we always read in these stories – more funding is needed, and a lack of education equates to lack of condom use.

Yet, Bill Donahue of the Catholic League noted in his response to this news:

“Is there anyone alive in the Western world who hasn’t heard about the wonders of condoms? Why is it when no one learned about condoms in school, and there was no massive educational campaign —including the free distribution of condoms in cities and on college campuses — that STDs were hardly a problem? Why is it that the more we spend to curtail this problem, the worse it gets?

“In the fiscal year that ended in 2008, the New York City Health Department, under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, gave away 39,070,000 male condoms to community groups. That figure was more than double the rate from the previous fiscal year. The result: syphilis cases increased by 20 percent. What lesson did they draw from this? They said they would hand out 51.6 million condoms the next year.”

Donahue has a good point that no one can deny. As America’s moral values and sexual restraints have faded away, sexually transmitted diseases have increased. Add to this the fact that the LGBT community is at a dramatically higher risk for STI’s and that lifestyle is regularly promoted as vogue in our schools and culture, the likelihood of these numbers declining anytime soon seems remote.

Will the November Elections be a National Referendum?

Election Day, November 8, is just 40 days away. In our daily lives, this is not that long, but it can be a long time for candidates. Many things can still change for them before the election. For that reason, polls now may not yet predict how voters will feel in a month.

However, a new poll from Rasmussen Reports may not bode well for Democrats if voters connect the fact that it is that party alone that has controlled both chambers of congress, the executive branch, and all its many agencies, for the past two years.

In every fall election, good candidates should have their party base. This means elections often swing with the middle ground. If that happens again, many Democrats could be in deep trouble. The new poll finds that the top five issues among independent voters are not the ones the White House wants (abortion, global warming, the Capitol riot, etc.)

The top five issues of concern to independents are:

1) Energy Policy
2) Violent Crime
3) High Gas Prices
4) Inflation
5) The Economy

One analysis of current trends concludes that if these remain the top concerns among voters, many Democrat-held congressional districts that Joe Biden won by 10 points two years ago could be up for grabs on Election Day.

This means that the 1st Congressional District in northwest Indiana held by freshman Congressman Frank Mrvan could be lost to Republican challenger Jennifer Ruth Greene. If this were to happen, 8 of our 9 congressional districts would be held by Republicans. (This assumes a win by Indianapolis Congressman Andre Carson who has a strong opponent in Angela Grabovsky.)

Perfected and Cured

On Monday, former Fort Wayne Congressman Mark Souder was greeted by his Savior in Heaven when lost his heroic battle with pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, many people who didn’t know Mark well, or disagreed with his political views, may only point to the reason he left office. Yet, that would be a disservice to a great mind and good man who loved the Lord.

I was privileged to work with Mark many times and I liked him a lot. Mark was a total policy wonk, and he knew it. He could wear you out talking issues with his vast knowledge and political experience. But such a trait was also very helpful to me as a young political activist when I worked for the Indiana Family Institute in the 1990s. There were many like me whom Mark impacted who are political leaders today in their own right.

Please keep Mark’s family in your prayers this week as they grieve and make funeral preparations.

In Their Own Words:

“What they don’t tell us when they propose all these benefits that they are going to give you from our government, [is] that a government big enough to give us everything we want is a government big enough to take from us everything we have.” – President Gerald Ford, October 16, 1974

True The Vote Interview

True The Vote Interview

True The Vote Interview 

Dr. Shawn Benzinger of You Count, Indiana! interviewed Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote. She discussed in the True the Vote interview how the organization began. Her organization was involved with the movie 2000 Mules.

First, they discussed It’s a site associated with True the Vote. engages Sheriffs across the nation in regards to the problem of election fraud. Catherine educates us in this interview about how to get engaged to prevent election fraud.

True the Vote will share all of its 2020 election data via This will allow citizen researchers to discover more information related to the work of True the Vote. This site has been under attack since they first stated in August that they would share information here. Catherine tells of the difficulties they have had in trying to share election anomaly information with the public.

Next, True the Vote’s recent event, called The Pit was discussed. Learn more about that event here.

Her partner, Gregg Phillips‘, has a podcast which is called Patriot Games. This podcast discusses information related to True the Vote’s efforts.

Finally, it’s an excellent interview! Watch, share, and get involved! Citizens must be actively engaged to prevent election fraud.

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Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote Interview with You Count, Indiana!

Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote Interview with You Count, Indiana!

Businesses & Abortion, School Numbers

Businesses & Abortion, School Numbers - AFA-IN

Businesses & Abortion, School Numbers – American Family Association of Indiana

Changes in Education Enrollment

         A new report from a non-partisan research organization called Education Next has found that since the spring of 2020, when pandemic lockdowns began, approximately 2 million students have left traditional public schools for other forms of education.
       They found that, from 2020-2022, enrollment in public schools declined from 81% to 76.5%, charter school enrollment increased from 5% to 7.2%, private school enrollment increased from 8% to 9.7%, and homeschooling rose from 6% to 6.6%.

       “Our polling data indicate that district-operated schools lost 4% of student enrollments to other types of schooling between 2020 and 2022,” said the researchers.


Woke Businesses Ignore Economic Realities

         As you know, some Indiana businesses gave their unsolicited opinions on the passage of a bill restricting abortion in Indiana.  Much like the RFRA debate, these companies make unfounded claims equating liberal social positions with economic growth. A few of them even hint at leaving our state. This virtue signaling is meant to scare Hoosiers, but it is likely just words or emotions overriding sober fiscal realities.  
         A new study from the American Legislative Exchange Council rates Indiana as having the 7th best economic outlook in the nation for businesses. We significantly outscore every state around us.  Michigan ranked 17th best; Ohio rated 19th best; Kentucky was 34th worst and Illinois, 45th worst.  
       Where are these Indiana businesses going to go to find better business conditions?   (The top dozen states for positive business climate are all socially conservative states, whereas the bottom five are all pro-abortion, socially liberal policy states like NJ, CA, MN, VT, and NY.)

Issues Driving Voters

       Polls are mere snapshots in time, but a new poll from Rasmussen has some interesting results regarding the top concerns right now among likely voters.
       According to the poll, high gasoline prices, which hit most people’s pocketbooks quite hard, are still the number one concern for 92% of those surveyed.
      Other top concerns are also Biden’s energy policies (86%), inflation (85%), election integrity (80%), local school issues (76%), abortion (70%), and illegal immigration (69%).
       LGBT issues ranked very low, as did January 6 and the Coronavirus.

A Theology of Life

         One of the things that struck me during the special session legislative session on abortion was the many people who self-identified as Christian yet were supportive of abortion or opposed to restricting abortion.    
         This led me to believe that while we know most people base their views on the culture’s messages, it is likely that many have never heard a theological basis for the pro-life position in a church if they in fact go to church.
         I found a very good brief item on this topic that I wanted to share with you that presents a basic theology of life.
“Abortion has divided our society like few other topics in recent history. The Bible places the highest importance on human life. God treats it as sacred and invaluable—and that’s because He created us “in His own image.” This is why the Bible identifies an unborn baby as being fully human.
The Bible says, “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb” (Psalm 139:13-15).
Some people don’t believe abortion is wrong because they see it as a solution to a problem. How can we solve one moral problem by allowing another, especially murder? That’s exactly what unrestrained abortion is.
God created all life and He sustains it. He has given each of us the breath of life and it’s our responsibility to protect what was given by the Father in heaven. This is why the question about whether abortion is right or wrong is so significant. No man or woman has the right to steal from God or destroy the creation of life that belongs solely to Him.
In God’s great love, He gives life that bears His image. Determining if abortion is good or bad goes well beyond the question of whether people have the right to terminate the life of a child. The real issue is whether people will insist on living according to worldly standards that oppose God’s law. True peace comes when people surrender to God and allow Him to guide their lives according to His loving righteousness.
People who oppose God’s law often think it’s unnecessarily restrictive and difficult, but it is actually there because He loves us and wants to protect us, just like these children. God wants us to love each other, too. The Bible says, “If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law. … Love does no wrong to others, so love fulfills the requirements of God’s law” (Romans 13:8,10).
Whether you are hurting because of a decision you made in the past or you’re struggling with a choice now, please know first and foremost that God loves you.
Are you ready to experience His love and see how deep it goes?”
         Read More Here. 

In Their Own Words:

       “Rights should not be based on what people do, but on what is right as defined by the Moral Law. In other words, by definition, laws are prescriptive—they prescribe what ought to be done, while behaviors are descriptive—they describe what is being done.  If everyone were to commit murder that wouldn’t make murder right. And it certainly wouldn’t be wise to discard all laws against murder because enforcement is difficult.”   – Frank Turek

Cast Vote Record Transparency

Cast Vote Record Transparency - IFA

Cast Vote Record Transparency – Indiana First Action

Cast Vote Record Transparency

The Cast Vote Record is a great way to determine how the ratio of votes between candidates trends in real time. Draza Smith has done some compelling analysis on these records to show some irregularities that are concerning. The Secretary of State, Holli Sullivan, the Public Law Access Counselor, Luke Britt and the Indiana Election Division (namely Brad King and Angela Nussmeyer) are blocking citizens from all over the state to acquire this report/public records which will all be destroyed on September 3, 2022. “The CVR is confidential pursuant to IC 3-10-1-31.1(b). This statute notes (emphasis added) …”after the recount or contest filing period, the election material, including election material related to provisional ballots (except for ballots and provisional ballots, which remain confidential) shall be made available for copying and inspection under IC 5-14-3.” The individual selections made by the voter as recorded on a DRE or as recorded when the ballot card is scanned into an opScan unit are the equivalent of an electronic ballot. Therefore, the CVR is a confidential record under state law.”

This argument is spurious however and suggests that the Secretary of State’s office does not have an understanding of the format of this common report. The request seems to assume that the public would be privy to the actual scanned image of the ballot or the ballot itself which is not what the standard Cast Vote Record provides. The actual ballots would remain confidential! We have samples of the report headers and in no way does it provide any Personally Identifiable Information.

In order for our elections to be transparent and honest it is essential that We the People have access to key data points. The Cast Vote Record is a way for us to see trends in tabulation that may look awry. It does not in any way encroach on the secrecy of any voter.

If Indiana elections are “safe and secure” as our Secretary of State’s office claims they are, then why the stonewall? It is essential that we have more information not less if we are going to trust our election process and our election commission should be willing to work with us to ensure that confidence is instilled in the process.

Contact Information: Indiana First Action at

School Outrage & Indiana Crime

School Outrage, Indiana Crime #'s Increase - AFA-IN

School Outrage, Indiana Crime #’s Increase – American Family Association of Indiana

School Outrage, Indiana Crime #’s Increase

A Shameful Display

         There is a shocking and sad story about an incident in a Fishers, Indiana high school.  
         As you probably know, a young police officer was tragically killed in Elwood on July 31st.  Officer Noah Shahnavaz was brutally ambushed by a convicted felon who should never have been back out breathing fresh air.  He had bragged about wanting to kill a police officer during his time in jail and some say he wrote a rap song about killing police before his parole.  He had been arrested in 2006 following a car chase during which he repeatedly shot at police.
         Noah’s family has been through an unimaginable ordeal.  Before Noah’s brother returned to high school his parents had met with high school officials.  An email was sent to his teachers to communicate the need to be sensitive to their son after the loss of his brother and the trauma the family has experienced.  All of Indiana seemed to feel the loss of Officer Shahnavaz . . . or so we assumed.  
         Unfortunately, one of the classrooms that Noah’s brother had to attend had a “Defund the Police” poster, despite the email that went out. The 26-year-old teacher who displayed the sign teaches a literature class and is a sponsor of the high school’s mental health club.  (You read that right.)

         In her defense, she hung that poster in her classroom over a year ago.  I’m sure she just forgot about it.  Maybe it was blocked by the gay pride flag she also hung in her classroom.  (Is such radical, political liberalism and sloganeering so common in the Fishers high school that such displays are nearly invisible to its staff?)

         She reportedly has received awards for her “political awareness” in the classroom.  It is unknown if she has received any awards for teaching literature.

         This highlights one of the biggest problems with so many of our public schools today.   The legislature failed to address this kind of radical political activism with legislation in the Spring, maybe they will next year.

You can read much more about this here.

November Takes Shape

         Northern Indiana Hoosiers will have a new face for the 2nd Congressional district after just under 400 Republican Precinct Committee members met Saturday.  They chose Rudy Yakym to fill the seat left by the passing of Jackie Walorski.  Rudy was propelled to the win by the endorsement of Jackie’s husband and her mother.   Rudy was the head of Congresswoman’s finance team in 2012, and he was part of Governor Holcomb’s transition team in 2016.  
         Rudy will face Democrat Paul Steury, a high school science teacher who previously taught at Goshen College in the November election.   Most expect Rudy to win the Republican-leaning district this fall unless the Democrats pour a lot of money into the race.  This seems unlikely, as they may have to put resources to the west, in Indiana District 1, where Democrat Congressman Frank Mrvan is expected to face a strong challenge from Republican Jennifer-Ruth Green.  That race is now rated as a “toss-up” this fall.
         Incidentally, last week I included a photo of the candidates running in the Republican caucus.  I should have credited that picture to a mainstream news site you may want to visit called the Indiana Capitol Chronicle.

A Startling Statistic

       “Reading proficiency among Indiana schoolchildren has declined steadily for 10 years to the point where nearly 1 in 5 Hoosier children completing third grade cannot read.”

You can read more about this here.

Does It Seem Like Crime is Getting Worse?

         A new study of FBI data finds that homicide has increased in 44 states over the last decade, including Indiana.
         In 2011 there were 306 homicides in Indiana.  By 2020 that number had increased to 505.  This 65% increase sounds like a lot, but we are only somewhat above the middle. Indiana ranked 19th highest among the increases found in all but six states. Still, the murder rate in Indiana is higher than the national average. There were 7.5 murders for every 100,000 people in the state in 2020, compared to the national homicide rate of 6.5 per 100,000.
         Over the last 10 years, the number of murders reported in the U.S. has climbed by 47%.

Job Numbers Up, But For How Long?

         Job numbers are the one thing the Biden Administration can point to in order to counter the argument that America is in an economic recession. It is true that unemployment numbers are low and job numbers look good the farther we get away from the Covid shutdowns.
         However, job numbers may not look good for long. A new PWC PULSE survey of larger employers finds that 50% of executives surveyed say they expect to make job cuts in the next 6 to 12 months. A little over half, 52%, of employers said they will likely institute a hiring freeze and 44% will rescind job offers.
         The survey of 772 executives measures expectations.  It is possible that these cuts will not occur early next year, but there is obviously a lot of concern among large employers over inflation, supply-chain issues, and global conditions.

In Their Own Words:

        “Without a firm moral foundation, freedom degenerates quickly … into anarchy.  Then there will be freedom only for those who are stronger and more unscrupulous than the rank and file of the people.”  – Pres. Harry Truman, April 3, 1951


Patient Advocacy Interview

Patient Advocacy Interview

Patient Advocacy Interview

Dr. Shawn Benzinger interviewed Founder and CEO Priscilla Romans of Graith Care. It is for medical and patient advocacy. Priscilla has a history of working in many aspects of healthcare which has given her deep insight into the industry and how to help patients. 

Graith Care’s mission is to bring back control and transparency to the consumer.

Graith Care breaks down healthcare barriers and provides a holistic view of the patient journey. This care model ultimately improves outcomes and efficiency along with saving time and money.

They bring their experiences of working in the hospital, outpatient, hospice, home care, and insurance industries to help as a patient advocate for those in need.

It is time to give control back to the healthcare consumer! 

Patient Advocacy Interview

Patient Advocacy Interview

Patient Advocacy Interview - Graith Care

Patient Advocacy Interview – Graith Care

[S]election Code Movie

[S]election Code Movie

“Was 2020 stolen? It’s deeper than that.

You’ve heard it said “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

What about those who code the vote?

What if our leaders aren’t actually being elected by us, but instead… selected?”

Read more here.

[S]election Code Movie - Elections 2020

[S]election Code Movie – Elections 2020

Southern Indiana Patriots Meeting

Moment of Truth Summit: Indiana

Moment of Truth Summit: Indiana - Indiana First Action

Moment of Truth Summit: Indiana – Indiana First Action

Moment of Truth Summit: Indiana Election Fraud

Marie of Indiana First Action shares about the state of Indiana elections at the State Spotlight at Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit in Springfield, MO.

Here’s a link to download the video.

Here is the link for all videos from The Moment of Truth Summit.

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Election Transparency


There is a shift in thinking when ‘WE’ understand that we are “at all times” able to “alter, reform and/or abolish” our government. We are not demanding nor asking. We’re just doing it.

Independent Voter Validation & Verification  Now more than ever, Americans are questioning the trustworthiness of the system by which we cast and count our votes. How does this get better? Voters can take action. What can voters do? Let’s start by helping to improve the accuracy of our voter rolls.

Indiana First Audit   

Did your vote in the 2020 election count? Indiana First Audit (IFA) mission is to educate Patriots, enact strong legislation, fill PCC roles, enact a Full Forensic Audit, fight fraud, #DitchMachines #PaperOnly, and RENEW State Election Integrity. IFA is a Hoosier-run citizen organization.

Public Interest Legal Foundation  

is a 501(c)(3) public interest law firm dedicated to election integrity. The Foundation exists to assist states and others to aid the cause of election integrity and fight against lawlessness in American elections. The Foundation is located in Indianapolis.

True The Vote restore America’s confidence in our electoral process.

US Term Limits

Mission is to enact and defend term limits on elected offices at all levels of government via the ballot box, legislatures and the courts with an ultimate aim of enacting a congressional term limits amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Medical Freedom

Hoosiers For Medical Liberty seeks to promote the social welfare of Hoosiers through the education of citizens and lawmakers in the state of Indiana regarding bodily autonomy, medical liberty, and informed consent.  Our goal is to unite all individuals and groups working around Indiana who promote advocacy for the protection and strengthening of these fundamental rights for all Hoosiers.

Parent-Controlled Education

Indiana Association of Home Educators Action mission is protect Hoosier home education freedom and parental rights by influencing the legislative process.  

Indiana Association of Home Educators
IAHE has been serving Indiana home educators since 1983. 

Purple For Parents Indiana informs, advocates, and engages Hoosiers to protect children from harmful agendas saturating the education system. We believe the responsibility of teaching morals and values to children are the parents/caregivers and NOT a government institution.

Pro Life

Hoosiers for Life believes every individual has the right to live. They work to ensure Hoosier babies will have protection at conception.

Second Amendment

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Hoosier Godly Resources

Micah Beckwith is passionate about helping others unlock their God-given talents, and he enjoys sharing his deep understanding of American history with others.

General Issues

Community, government over-reach

Save-Indy mission is to protect our city and preserve a great place for our children to prosper in the future. By raising awareness and empowering other citizens to stand up, we aim to reverse the course of troubling trends plaguing the Hoosier state and our capitol city.


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