Rhonda Miller Purple for Parents Indiana Interview

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Rhonda Miller Purple for Parents Indiana interview with Dr. Shawn Benzinger. Rhonda explains troubling occurrences in Indiana schools and those across the nation. Purple For Parents Indiana works to improve Indiana public schools. She explains the source of many of the problems Hoosiers notice in the classroom. This interview is a must-watch for Hoosier taxpayers and for those with children in public schools or considering public schools. Purple For Parents Indiana is advocating for Indiana SB17 which affects material harmful to minors. They have also worked on the documentary, The Mind Polluters.

Friday Video – ESG & Free Speech

Friday Legislative Video Stand up for free speech.    It's a little shocking, but in today's video, we talk about the need to protect free speech for churches, pastors, and counselors.  Senate Bill 350 prevents a city council or county council from silencing speech in...

Holocaust Prelude 2.0?

Holocaust survivors, children of survivors and grandchildren -- as well as German freedom fighters -- express their shock at today's fear-mongering and divisive dictates that are reminiscent of the prelude to the Holocaust. The Holocaust museum in DC tells some of the...

Attacks on Faith, No to Woke, Protect Kids

Protecting Hoosier Children There are two bills I want to mention in today’s email that concern the protection of children. Both bills could use calls to Representatives in support of them. (317-232-9600) House Bill 1646 (Morris) concerns sexually abusive materials...