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Indiana First is a grass roots citizen-driven team which banded together in July, 2021 with a mission to ensure that Indiana’s elections were going to represent the will of Hoosiers. We have seven main subgroups all focused on evidentiary analysis to discover the truth about our elections. We have one non-negotiable, which is every single legal vote counts, whether it be left, right, up, down or otherwise and nothing is more important than the faith we should all share in our elections processes and the trust we have in the results.


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Latest News

2020 Ballot Deliveries Update

You may remember this odd story from the 2020 election about a postal service driver who claimed he had driven completed ballots across state lines but the trailer and ballots disappeared. We at You Count Indiana believe that concerns about the 2020 election have not...

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IFA’s Model for Paper Ballots Hand Counted

IFA is pleased to announce our HUGE project for the spring of 2023.....IFA's Model for Paper Ballots Hand Counted. • In this video, learn why it's necessary to hand count ballots vs electronic...

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New Indiana Voting Law

It is good to see the Indiana will now be checking the identity of those who request an absentee ballot. New Indiana law adds identity requirements for mail-in voting By Steve Bittenbender | The Center Square contributor • May 18, 2023 • Subscribe here. (The Center...

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Donation Harvesting in Indiana

There was a report of donation harvesters in other states, but now this video shows it happened in Indiana. Read more below and be sure to watch the video near the end.   MAJOR FRAUD EXPOSED: Democrats Caught Committing Massive Finance Crimes and Donations...

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Foreigners on US Voter Rolls

Indianapolis election integrity group, Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), says foreigners are on voter rolls due to Bill Clinton's Motor Voter from 1993. It is a nationwide problem. Watch the PILF video to learn about it. PILF President, J. Christian Adams:...

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Validating Fraud in Elections

When states rely on post-election audits, they must make certain they are not recounting fraudulent ballots. Post-election audits can 'validate fraud instead of catch it,' watchdog warns Red states are turning to audits, hand counts to restore public confidence in...

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Election Machines Can Be Hacked

You Count Indiana is sharing this post "Election Machines Can Be Hacked" on behalf of our friends at Indiana First Action. They found the information at MJTruth Weekly News Report 3/25/2023. You may subscribe here. Wisconsin - Cyber Security Election Expert David...

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Manipulation of Election Data

BPro’s TotalVote Used in Multiple States in the US, Allows the Installation of “Plug-Ins” that Can Be Used to Manipulate Election Data Joe Hoft • March 28, 2023 • Subscribe to The Gateway Pundit This report was developed by election experts in New Mexico and Hawaii...

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Election Software Connected to Internet

This is used in Indiana. See here. BPro-Knowink Election Software Used Throughout US Is Connected to Internet, Not Certified and Is Able to Backdate Election Records (Hawaii) By Joe Hoft • March 27, 2023 • Subscribe to The Gateway Pundit This report was developed by...

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