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Indiana First is a grass roots citizen-driven team which banded together in July, 2021 with a mission to ensure that Indiana’s elections were going to represent the will of Hoosiers. We have seven main subgroups all focused on evidentiary analysis to discover the truth about our elections. We have one non-negotiable, which is every single legal vote counts, whether it be left, right, up, down or otherwise and nothing is more important than the faith we should all share in our elections processes and the trust we have in the results.


Hope you are well and that you enjoyed the blessed holidays and New Year! The IFA team is hard at work disecting all of the election integrity bills that dropped at the Statehouse for 2023. There are a bunch….44 to be exact We are supporting 7 out of the 44 bills, and possibly more if some amendments/deletions are made. Anytime electronic systems are added to our precincts, that is a nonstarter.

Senator Jon Ford has brought forth the most comprehensive and impactful bills for Hoosier voters this year, and we applaud his efforts! SB 262 and 370 fall right in line with IFA’s 12 points for Secure Elections. Please be sure to call, thank and support him for putting forth these measures (see graphic for details).

Representatives Mike Speedy’s HB1505 and Aylesworth’s HB1225 brought forth the strongest election bills on the House side. Well done Messrs. Ford, Aylesworth and Speedy. To view the bills for yourself, click here and type in the number of the bill you want to read.

NOW it is up to YOU! Here is how you can help from the comfort of your couch. Call the Senate/House Election Committee members and tell them you support the below bills and want a full floor vote. When it comes time for that vote, then the process of calling YOUR elected official is imperative to get these bills passed. Without your phone calls or VM messages, we will lose our opportunity to affect change. If you would like to be part of our Communication Squad who receives weekly Calls to Action (more laser focused), we would love to hear from you. Simply respond and say “I’m in!”

In other news, IFA Expose’ Rumble Video that received nationwide support has now been viewed over 29k times!!!! Amazing, huh?! Our newest video, the Canvassing Wrap Up, was uploaded as well. Check it out.

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Latest News

Vote Flipping Information

The Western Journal shares this important piece about the ease of flipping votes and the difficulty in stopping it. This is why paper ballots are important. Writing Code to Flip Votes Is 'Very Easy to Do' but 'Hard to Stop,' Says Democratic Computer Programmer Carson...

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Voting Machine Problems Before 2020 Election

Key Dominion exec admitted company products 'riddled with bugs' days before 2020 vote: Fox lawyers In 2018 email cited by the defense in voting machine company's defamation suit against Fox News, Dominion director of product strategy and security acknowledged the...

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Protect Parents & Children

Friday Video - Protecting Parent's Rights & Children The Indiana General Assembly is nearing the halfway point and issues are coming at us very quickly. Two bills I discuss today are very important and need your support. House Bill 1407 concerns parental rights....

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US Election Systems Questions

The article below from 2019 is posted on behalf of our friends at Indiana First Action. It was posted with a question earlier this month on Twitter by Kanekoa an investigative reporter: Vice: Critical US Election Systems Left Exposed Online (Aug. 8, 2019) “The...

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New GOP Secretaries of State Results

Indiana's Diego Morales is mentioned in this piece. How is he doing in regards to election integrity? Mixed results from new GOP secretaries of state who pledged election integrity reforms The secretaries are in states with Republican legislatures and governors....

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Various Legislative Issues; Vaccine Passports?

The Crazy World of 2023          This morning the House Courts and Criminal Code Committee is hearing a bill that I’d bet for most Hoosiers is a no-brainer, but you can guarantee that the media is going to throw a fit over it.  The bill (HB 1569 Mayfield) simply says...

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Call for Ban on Private Funding

You Count Indiana is happy to see Congressman Jim Banks take a stand on this issue. House Republicans Call for Ban on Big Tech Private Funding of Elections Fred Lucas • January 10, 2023 • The Daily Signal Some House Republicans are urging federal action to bar private...

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Friday Video Legislature’s 3rd Week

Legislative Friday Video Here is our Friday video for Week 3 of your Indiana General Assembly. I mention two bills today will have Committee Hearings next week. I also tell story that shows how your calls DO make a difference! Find your legislator here.

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Despite Ban, Partnership Continues

It's so very troubling to see this continue. Despite State’s ‘Zuckerbucks’ Ban, Group Partners With Election Offices Fred Lucas • January 27, 2023 • The Daily Signal The group that distributed most of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s controversial election grants in...

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