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Indiana First is a grass roots citizen-driven team which banded together in July, 2021 with a mission to ensure that Indiana’s elections were going to represent the will of Hoosiers. We have seven main subgroups all focused on evidentiary analysis to discover the truth about our elections. We have one non-negotiable, which is every single legal vote counts, whether it be left, right, up, down or otherwise and nothing is more important than the faith we should all share in our elections processes and the trust we have in the results.


Hope you are well and that you enjoyed the blessed holidays and New Year! The IFA team is hard at work disecting all of the election integrity bills that dropped at the Statehouse for 2023. There are a bunch….44 to be exact We are supporting 7 out of the 44 bills, and possibly more if some amendments/deletions are made. Anytime electronic systems are added to our precincts, that is a nonstarter.

Senator Jon Ford has brought forth the most comprehensive and impactful bills for Hoosier voters this year, and we applaud his efforts! SB 262 and 370 fall right in line with IFA’s 12 points for Secure Elections. Please be sure to call, thank and support him for putting forth these measures (see graphic for details).

Representatives Mike Speedy’s HB1505 and Aylesworth’s HB1225 brought forth the strongest election bills on the House side. Well done Messrs. Ford, Aylesworth and Speedy. To view the bills for yourself, click here and type in the number of the bill you want to read.

NOW it is up to YOU! Here is how you can help from the comfort of your couch. Call the Senate/House Election Committee members and tell them you support the below bills and want a full floor vote. When it comes time for that vote, then the process of calling YOUR elected official is imperative to get these bills passed. Without your phone calls or VM messages, we will lose our opportunity to affect change. If you would like to be part of our Communication Squad who receives weekly Calls to Action (more laser focused), we would love to hear from you. Simply respond and say “I’m in!”

In other news, IFA Expose’ Rumble Video that received nationwide support has now been viewed over 29k times!!!! Amazing, huh?! Our newest video, the Canvassing Wrap Up, was uploaded as well. Check it out.

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Latest News

Update from Indiana First Action

Update from Indiana First Action

Hope you are well and that you enjoyed the blessed holidays and New Year!   The IFA team is hard at work disecting all of the election integrity bills that dropped at the Statehouse for 2023.  There are a bunch....44 to be exact   We are supporting 7 out of the 44...

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Voting Issues Lead Some States to Tighten Security

You Count Indiana is pleased to see some states are making corrections to their voting systems. A lack of election integrity negatively affects us all. As mail ballots, machines mar voting in some states, others seek to tighten election security California cannot...

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New Legislation, Sen Race, Kids Can Succeed!

Legislature Enters Week 2 The Indiana General Assembly is starting to pick up now as committees outside the budget start holding hearings on a wide variety of topics. About 800 bills have been posted. I could write about dozens upon dozens of bills we are watching but...

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Repeat of 2020?

They won't stop until laws are changed and there is accountability. Repeat of 2020? Left-Wing Tech Group Doles Out Millions in Grants in Eerily Familiar Election Scheme By Fred Lucas • The Daily Signal • January 4, 2023 • Click link below to subscribe at the bottom of...

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Lawrenceburg Voter Fraud Case

Lawrenceburg Men Receive Probation in Voter Fraud Case Eagle 99.3 Online • By Travis Thayer • January 4, 2023 Troy Kemper and James Bartlett were sentenced in September. (Lawrenceburg, Ind.) – Two men have been sentenced for their role in voter fraud prior to the 2019...

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SCOTUS Case Could Flip 2020

Update: Sadly the majority of SCOTUS justices decided not to hear this case. See details here. They also declined the Bonner Mail-in Ballot case. Did you miss this news about the 2020 election? This piece is from the Western Journal. By Randy DeSoto • January 2, 2023...

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The End of Free Elections?

The Gateway Pundit has posted lots of disturbing information about the status of our elections. Here's their latest. Article by Jay Valentine • The Gateway Pundit • December 28, 2022 • Subscribe here....

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Inflation, Abortion & Elections

Not Feeling Inflation?  Abortion Ruling, Elections Big Races in Indiana’s Future Two races in 2024 are taking shape. This week, former State Representative, State Auditor, and current Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch announced that she will run for Governor. She joins a...

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Distrust in Elections & IN Senators

Distrust in Elections & IN Senators

Distrust in Elections, Sen. Braun v. Young A Stark Contrast in Hoosier Representation I know that many Hoosiers are very disappointed in Senator Todd Young. Many have told me that they regret voting for him in November after he betrayed the rights of people and...

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