(Updated Info) Farmland Legislative Action Day 

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What is the LEAP Project that has Hoosiers alarmed? Rebecca Terrell of the The New American Magazine interviewed Pastor Jon Schrock about the LEAP Project in Boone County. It affects our water supply and other issues. Please watch and share it, and go to the Indiana Statehouse on January 9th to let your Senator and Representative know what you think. Remember, YOU count by making YOUR voice heard!
Jon Schrock Interview

Jon Schrock Interview

Reposting with permission of Pastor Jon Schrock:

Farmland Legislative Action Day 

January 9, 2024 • 11 a.m.

Indiana Statehouse

War on Farmers

War on Farmers

Indiana Senate GOP Indiana House Republicans leader fail the people of the State of Indiana!  Their care for the global elites is grotesque and Anti-American.  Their pro-Globalism anti-Indiana agenda is clear and apparent.
“Huston and other legislative leaders said they’re also not taking on new and controversial subjects like expanding gambling or regulating large water transfers.”
“And they’re not taking action on water, although some local units of government have bucked the Indiana Economic Development Corp’s (IEDC) plans to pipe millions of gallons of water daily from the Wabash Alluvial Aquifer to a massive high-tech development in Boone County.”
“The project is a fantastic project that promises to be really … transformational for Indiana,” said Bray, who said lawmakers haven’t “spent as much time on water as some other states … because we have had a lot of water, and we do have an awful lot of water.”
Read the whole article here!
The People of Indiana are coming to the Statehouse to speak with their legislators and voice their opinions.
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