Defense Medical Database Dump


Dr. Robert Malone shares insights into the defense whistleblowers’ medical database dump related to Covid-19 vaccines and adverse reactions. Be sure to click on his article to see the data.

Regarding the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database Data Dump

Database artifact, smoking gun, or something in between?

These are dangerous times, and we are in a 21st century global information war.  Cannon balls are flying, and there are false flag operations and concern trollery to the left, right and center of us. And yet onward we ride. The light brigade.

Just to underscore the point, since the initial Joe Rogan hostage video dropped on Instagram, I have been on multiple media appearances that have approached this as yet another cancel culture skirmish. And as predicted, now we have a second Rogan hostage video. But I agree with Epoch times on this.  The culture war aspect that has been so actively promoted is a distraction. This really has nothing to do with vaccines or vaccine safety, or vaccine mis/disinformation.  It certainly has nothing to do  with a commitment to truth. This is about money and power.  Or money as an aspect of power. And it certainly has everything to do with totalitarianism and mass formation psychosis.

Having set the stage now, please note that there are more intrepid, highly credentialed physicians who are stepping into the fray with Epoch Times. The Epoch Times has previously been attacked by a concerted MSNBC and Rachel Maddow smear campaign. However, even the NY Times (in yet another smear piece) concedes that it is “one of the country’s most powerful digital publishers” (#4 on the Apple app chart, and #2 behind Fox News for December 2021 conservative websites).

Notably, we now have Dr. Pierre Kory warning about censoring of early COVID treatment options, and Dr. Ryan Cole raising alarms about an alarming trends in cancer diagnoses which coincide with the onset of mass COVID-19 genetic vaccination.

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Defense Medical Database Dump - Stethoscope and Chart

Defense Medical Database Dump – Stethoscope and Chart


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