Friday Video - ESG & Free Speech - AFA-IN

Friday Video – ESG & Free Speech – American Family Association of Indiana

Friday Legislative Video

Stand up for free speech.    It’s a little shocking, but in today’s video, we talk about the need to protect free speech for churches, pastors, and counselors.  Senate Bill 350 prevents a city council or county council from silencing speech in a church or private counseling situation which has been attempted in some cities around Indiana.  People voluntarily seek counseling.  They do not need the government censoring the speech of a pastor or counselor whom they chose for guidance on human sexuality or other issues.  (The left often speaks of tolerance, but in reality, you say and think what they want, or they will not tolerate you.)

I also address the issue of ESG in House Bill 1008 concerning state investments, as well as House Bill 1407 – parental rights.

Here is today’s video:

You can call your Senator about SB 350 at 317-232-9400.

You can call your Representative about HB 1008 and HB 1407 at 317-232-9600.

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Friday Video – Hear the Hate

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