A Conversation with Marie from Indiana First Action: Serving Holli Sullivan 44 Notices of Intent to File Against Her Performance Surety Bond

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Big Government Overreach

Big Government Overreach Supposedly this TikTok video (source unknown) was produced 60 years ago. Were you taught this information in school? It's a very sobering reminder of the power of big government overreach and the loss of liberty. [video width="416"...

TruetheVote.org: Shocking Evidence Claim

TruetheVote.org: Shocking Evidence Claim TruetheVote.org will broadcast “The Pit” this Saturday, August 13, 2022, at Noon on Right Side Broadcasting network with claims of earth-shattering election issues. It’s a must watch!! History in the making. True the Vote...

Life Wins – Abortion Bill Recap

Life Wins - Abortion Bill Recap Abortion Bill Signed into Law – Final Thought          As you probably know, the Indiana legislature passed Senate Bill 1 through all the steps required to pass a bill.  About an hour after this happened, around 10:30 pm on Friday...