Interview: Covid-19 Litigation

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Warner Mendenhall is an attorney involved in important C19 litigation.

Warner Mendenhall Interview

Warner Mendenhall Interview

Dr. Shawn Benzinger interviewed Ohio Attorney Warner Mendenhall who is involved with Covid-19 litigation. They had a very interesting conversation about the corrosive effects of Obamacare on our healthcare system. Discussions include the deleterious effects of the Covid-19 injections. Warner formed a group of attorneys who litigate cases related to medical persecution.  He shares shocking numbers related to Remdesivir death rates in hospitals. There is much important information in this interview.

From the website: “You should be guaranteed the right to make your own medical decisions. Let’s end corruption together.”

Warner Mendenhall’s website:  Health Freedom Counsel Website 

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Mendenhall Law Group • Twitter – Warner Mendenhall (@MendenhallFirm / Twitter         


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