Repeat of 2020?

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Repeat of 2020? Left-Wing Tech Group Doles Out Millions in Grants in Eerily Familiar Election Scheme

By Fred Lucas • The Daily Signal • January 4, 2023 • Click link below to subscribe at the bottom of the piece.

Although about half the states ban private dollars from funding local governing of elections as a response to Mark Zuckerberg’s controversial grants in 2020, a tech-aligned group will dole out individual $500,000 grants to jurisdictions for future elections.

The U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence, established in April, will award individual grants of $500,000 to at least two local jurisdictions out of 10 that the organization accepted into the program.

Greenwich, Connecticut, and Macoupin County, Illinois, each will get $500,000 under the alliance’s membership agreement, according to documents obtained by The Daily Signal through public records requests.

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Repeat of 2020? - Elections 2020

Repeat of 2020? – Elections 2020

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