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Georgia won’t update Dominion voting machines before 2024, despite cybersecurity expert warnings

The Georgia secretary of state’s office is relying on a report commissioned by Dominion regarding the company’s voting machines.

By Natalia Mittelstadt • Updated June 21, 2023 • Just the News Subscribe

Georgia is delaying a software update for its Dominion voting machines until after the 2024 presidential election, despite cybersecurity experts warning of vulnerabilities.

A nearly 2-year-old report was finally made public last week and showed Dominion voting machines had significant vulnerabilities, which led the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to issue a public advisory last year based on the findings.

However, Georgia election officials say that the machines won’t be updated until after the 2024 elections because it’s such a massive undertaking.

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Election Integrity Event-Voter on Election Day

Election Integrity Event-Voter on Election Day


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