Dr. Shawn Benzinger of You Count Indiana interviewed Dr. Dan Stock. He is a physician in Greenfield, Indiana. We first became aware of Dr. Stock when he testified about Covid-19 before the Mt. Vernon School Board. He continues to try to make positive change in Indiana. He and his wife founded the Citizens Coalition for Legislature Accountability (CCLA). In this interview, he explains the crony capitalism sausage-making at the Indiana General Assembly, and the goals of the CCLA to correct it. Listen and share with others!

To contact Dr. Stock, email him at drstock@purehealthmed.com . (Note: This email address is temporary until the CCLA website is ready.)

YCI Dr. Dan Stock Interview

YCI Dr. Dan Stock Interview

ERIC Shared with Third Party

ERIC Systems sharing voter information with third party group tied to Zuckerberg in 2020 election. Shocked? Not really. And NO, we are not on the ERIC system. Congrats to those states getting rid of ERIC. Indiana has its own issues. Anytime voter databases are...

Friday Video – Hear the Hate

Friday Video          Well, today's legislative video covers two bills but I also want to give you a glimpse into an incident that happened to me when I testified in defense of parents and children.   I will share more details about this in Wednesday's weekly email,...

IFA Call to Action

  Indiana First Action CALL TO ACTION