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Cast Vote Record Transparency

The Cast Vote Record is a great way to determine how the ratio of votes between candidates trends in real time. Draza Smith has done some compelling analysis on these records to show some irregularities that are concerning. The Secretary of State, Holli Sullivan, the Public Law Access Counselor, Luke Britt and the Indiana Election Division (namely Brad King and Angela Nussmeyer) are blocking citizens from all over the state to acquire this report/public records which will all be destroyed on September 3, 2022. “The CVR is confidential pursuant to IC 3-10-1-31.1(b). This statute notes (emphasis added) …”after the recount or contest filing period, the election material, including election material related to provisional ballots (except for ballots and provisional ballots, which remain confidential) shall be made available for copying and inspection under IC 5-14-3.” The individual selections made by the voter as recorded on a DRE or as recorded when the ballot card is scanned into an opScan unit are the equivalent of an electronic ballot. Therefore, the CVR is a confidential record under state law.”

This argument is spurious however and suggests that the Secretary of State’s office does not have an understanding of the format of this common report. The request seems to assume that the public would be privy to the actual scanned image of the ballot or the ballot itself which is not what the standard Cast Vote Record provides. The actual ballots would remain confidential! We have samples of the report headers and in no way does it provide any Personally Identifiable Information.

In order for our elections to be transparent and honest it is essential that We the People have access to key data points. The Cast Vote Record is a way for us to see trends in tabulation that may look awry. It does not in any way encroach on the secrecy of any voter.

If Indiana elections are “safe and secure” as our Secretary of State’s office claims they are, then why the stonewall? It is essential that we have more information not less if we are going to trust our election process and our election commission should be willing to work with us to ensure that confidence is instilled in the process.

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