Friday Video – The Legislature Ends

Well after midnight, around 2 am this morning, the Indiana General Assembly ended its 2023 session.

Today’s video is a bit different. It includes Jeff Howe who is the Director of Communications for AFA of Indiana. So you will see both of us. Today’s video is a trial run for future Friday videos that we have decided to keep going with our interviewing special guests. Unfortunately, our two-microphone setup was a mistake giving some echo on today’s audio recorded in our conference room. We will correct this next week when we interview nationally renowned editorial cartoonist Gary Varvel.

In spite of this somewhat clunky first run, I hope today’s extended video contains a lot of helpful information. As always, thank you for watching, for your support of AFA-IN, and for your contacting your legislators about key issues this session.

You can watch our final legislative video of 2023 here:

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