Validating Fraud in Elections

Election Integrity

When states rely on post-election audits, they must make certain they are not recounting fraudulent ballots.

Post-election audits can ‘validate fraud instead of catch it,’ watchdog warns

Red states are turning to audits, hand counts to restore public confidence in elections, but such methods cannot determine the effect of Zuckerbucks on an election, says Amistad Project’s Phill Kline.

Natalia Mittelstadt • April 26, 2023 • Just the News (Subscribe here)

As red states pass laws to mandate and strengthen post-election hand counts and audits in an effort to restore public faith in election integrity, a watchdog is warning that such measures could “validate fraud instead of catch it” if underlying issues are ignored.

Amid suspicions of irregularities during the 2020 presidential election, some counties and states turned to hand-counting ballots and audits to help determine if there was election fraud. High-visibility audits of that election included those conducted in Fulton County, Ga., and Maricopa County, Ariz. Those audits uncovered significant issues with ballots but reaffirmed the outcome of the tallies in both counties.

Over the past few months, red states have introduced legislation or enacted laws that either establish or further define requirements for post-election audits and hand counts.

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Validating Fraud in Elections - Elections 2020

Validating Fraud in Elections – Elections 2020

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