Trump’s Arrest & the Second American Revolution

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We are posting this piece for educational purposes. Ohio attorney Tom Renz came to be known by many due to his legal work during the Covid-19 debacle.

Trump’s Arrest & the Second American Revolution

By Tom Renz at his Tom Renz’ Newsletter on Substack. • March 18, 2023 • Subscribe here.

In the minds of many patriots, conservatives, libertarians, and even some relatively mainstream republicans our nation is careening out of control towards a socialist/communist nightmare. I count myself amongst this group of people and find myself ever more concerned that the complete disregard for the principles our nation was founded on is leading to massive levels of political unrest at a time when America’s enemies are stronger and more emboldened than ever. This demonstrative lack of respect for our Constitutional principles is becoming ever more apparent and has now led to the political imprisonment of J6 protesters for 2 years and now, the reported upcoming arrest of a former President that is running for office again. To nearly anyone paying attention – though that is regrettably few – this latest assault on the most fundamental principles of justice in this nation will simply be a bridge to far and, I predict, will lead to another level of upheaval in a nation already besieged by enemies foreign and domestic.

Given the apparent risk of repeating the past I want to discuss a bit of history. There was no singular cause for the American Revolution, rather, it was a confluence of events that pushed enough of the colonists beyond their willingness to tolerate the ruling class dictates. By no means do I intend to get into everything in this article, but I want to draw some parallels. Rather, I mean this as food for thought for the current nobility class and those that think we can continue this way.

The first thing to understand about the revolution is the mindset of the colonists. They or their ancestors had risked everything to come to the new lands to live their lives. Many had left to escape religious persecution or overbearing governments/monarchs. Upon arriving many faced unthinkable difficulties in trying to settle a completely new land while nearly totally cut off from the resources of the “civilized world.” These brave pioneers had to make their shelter (without modern tools), grow and hunt for their food, deal with disease, create enough law and order to function, and simply find ways to survive. These individuals were tough and there were no safe spaces to hide so they could cry their fears away. They did what was necessary or died, or worse, had to watch their families die.

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Trump's Arrest & the Second American Revolution - American Flag

Trump’s Arrest & the Second American Revolution – American Flag

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